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I was quite familiar with basic chiropractic care in the past, having visited chiropractors regularly during my college years for mild back pain. However, it wasn't until I displaced my lower back two years ago, and was introduced to Dr. Carrell Tremblay and Alamo Heights Chiropractic, that I had the opportunity to see chiropractic care presented as a part of a holistic approach to health and wellness.

AHC challenged me with a continuing conversation about regular exercise, a healthy diet, and preventative maintenance. Through practice and guidance, I have achieved positive results that have made a difference in my life. My posture and core strength have improved, I experience fewer problems with strain in my neck, shoulders and back, and my body now responds very quickly to regular adjustments. I have also experienced fewer allergy and sinus problems than in years past.

I would like to thank AHC for their professionalism, dedication, and their systematic approach toward improving and maintaining their patient's health and well being.

Steve Kline

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